Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goodr a nonprofit organization?
Goodr is a for profit company, but we serve nonprofits who directly serve the community. Our business model proves that
good business and servicing communities in need are one and the same.

How is Goodr different from other food recovery startups?
We believe you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Our proprietary platform tracks and measures a company’s
community and environmental impact allowing our clients to optimize their purchasing and production decisions, as well as
recoup significant tax savings all while fighting hunger and saving the planet.

What does Goodr in have in place in regards to liability coverage?
Goodr has several layers of protection in place; including a $12M liability insurance policy, hold harmless agreements signed
by all of our non-profits partners, and Federal & State Good Samaritan laws.

How do you secure your data as part of your services?
We create a secure chain of custody for all transactions that contains the pickup, delivery, and food surplus data collected in
the food recovery efforts that our platform facilitates.

What type of food do you typically rescue and where does the food come from?
We rescue prepared food, prepackaged foods, and produce. The food comes from our generous clients, including corporate
food brands, restaurants, catering companies, etc.

Where does the food go?
The food is delivered to non-profits in the area that serve the food insecure. Our community partners range from Homeless
Shelters, Senior Citizens Housing facilities, Veteran organizations, Youth organizations, etc.

How do you store and transport the food?
The food is packaged in Goodr-branded food-safe material that we supply our clients. We transport the food to nonprofits
who have cold storage like refrigerators and freezers.

How can I work at or volunteer with Goodr?
Thanks for your interest. We are always on the lookout for qualified candidates who are passionate about our mission to
deliver business results while solving hunger and saving the planet. You can email your resume to recruiting@goodr.co for
consideration. For those interested in getting involved, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications of
upcoming volunteer opportunities.

What are the main types of events that Goodr does in the community?
We have various types of activations, including our signature event series Neighborhood Eats and Goodr Pop-up Grocery Stores. Our Do Goodr days of community service can be tailored to national holidays, corporate initiatives and civic events.

How can my company partner with Goodr for a community philanthropy initiative? Can my company donate food for a Goodr event without being a Goodr customer – especially if it’s not surplus food but shelf-stable pre-packaged?
We love partnering with companies that want to make an impact on their community. Connect with us at partnerships@goodr.co to explore how we can work together.

Do you have staff, or are your events staffed by volunteers?
Our dedicated team of Do Goodrs staff our events and we also announce any volunteer opportunities for folks who’d like to
get involved.

How do I contact the Goodr regarding a potential speaking engagement, workshop or media opportunity?
For any press or media inquiries, you can send an email directly to media@goodr.co.

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