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You can’t manage
what you don’t measure.
Becoming zero waste just got easier. With Goodr’s secure chain of custody for all transactions, you now have the ability to track, account for and manage your surplus food and organic waste. Real-time data analytics allow you to measure your waste, see your tax savings and share your impact with the world. Are you ready to take control?
The Goodr Solution
Reduce Waste
Our platform provides predictive data to improve purchasing and production decisions. Source reduction efficiency is key to reducing businesses’ recurring waste.
Save Money
Our platform captures waste analytics and calculates tax savings providing an IRS friendly ledger. Our process allows you to get the maximum value from your donated food.
Do Good
Help communities and individuals in need, touching lives one donation at a time.
“Hunger is not an issue of scarcity; it’s a matter of logistics.”
- Jasmine Crowe, Founder & Ceo, TedTalk
Our mission is simple:
Feed more, waste less.
1 in 7
people are food insecure
72 Billion pounds
of perfectly edible food ends up landfills each year
$218 Billion
is spent annually in the U.S. to grow, process, transport, and dispose of food that is never eaten.
We Go Beyond the Pickup!

We have over a hundred restaurants here at the airport and I swear, magic has been happening since she's (Jasmine) come on board. You choose your career in this field and you want to be able to make a difference. Our real goal is to show other airports that they can do the same thing.

- Liza Milagro,
Resilience & Sustainability Manager,
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

We can see the direct effect with the community. Before Goodr, all of our surplus food would go to waste. Now we are a partner in fighting hunger and becoming a more sustainabile company.

- Scott Knight,
General Manager at Delaware North,
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Goodr makes doing the right thing easy. They provide all of the supplies, the logistics and the people to help us reduce food waste and fight hunger.

-Tim Trefzer,
Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility,
Georgia World Congress Convention Center