Our Story

We believe that hunger isn’t a scarcity issue. It’s a matter of logistics. Goodr was founded on the simple yet powerful idea that we need to feed more and waste less. What started as a local initiative to feed people experiencing food insecurity in Atlanta has grown into a national network with long-lasting impact.


To cultivate resources for a community of dedicated partners committed to eliminating food waste for the greater good.


Build a strong community of companies and non-profit organizations working together to end world hunger.     

The problem can’t be ignored.

Every year in the United States, we waste over 72 billion pounds of edible food, yet 54 million people are suffering from food insecurity. Even with many social programs that aim to end hunger, the current food supply ecosystem has failed to solve this problem which has grown into a national epidemic.

We’re solving hunger differently.

The Goodr model provides the technology and logistics to track an organization’s surplus food from pickup to donation, delivering real-time social and environmental impact analytics. Our solution also improves an organization’s bottom line through charitable tax donations.

In addition, we partner with organizations across the country to get groceries and meals to local communities in need. We strive to provide meals to families, children and seniors in a way that preserves dignity.

We’re reducing waste for a brighter tomorrow.

Our sustainable waste solutions divert inedible food waste from landfills to reduce greenhouse emissions. We also provide organizations with a full-scale waste management solution to help achieve their zero waste goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

Meet our fearless founder.

Jasmine Crowe is an award-winning entrepreneur, TED Speaker, and leader who is working to make the world a better place. Jasmine’s goal is to foster change and create awareness about today’s most pressing socio-economic challenges including poverty, food waste and hunger.

This is about more than just a meal. It’s feeding hope, connecting families, and building better futures.


Became the 35th black woman to raise more than $1 Million in venture capital

Featured on CNBC, Oprah Magazine, NY Times, Forbes, Fast Co, and more

Named as one of the top 100 influential female founders by Entrepreneur Magazine

Author of the children’s book, Everybody Eats  

How it all started.

After years of feeding local Atlantans in need from her own kitchen, and out of her own pocket, Jasmine founded Goodr in 2017. The idea was born from the notion that if on-demand drivers can be used to deliver food orders from restaurants, we can use similar technology and logistics to repurpose edible surplus food.

Today Goodr has grown into a full-scale waste management and hunger relief company that has provided food to millions of people across the United States and redirected millions of pounds of waste away from landfills.

Help Goodr change the world. 

Partner with us to eliminate food waste

Learn about our solutions for recovering surplus food, recycling inedible food, or managing all of your organization’s waste.

Partner with us to provide hunger relief

Get involved by sponsoring our pop-up grocery stores, grocery and meal delivery, student snackpacks, or Goodr grocery stores. 

Donate to the Goodr foundation

Find how your donations can directly feed people who need them most.