Organics Recycling

Organics Recycling is the other half of our surplus food recovery program. We work closely with organic waste haulers to separate and collect your compostable items.

Achieve Zero Waste

Move towards becoming a zero-waste organization by composting pre-consumer and post-consumer food.

Close the Loop

Compostable materials can eventually be repurposed for nutrient-rich soils, biofuels and more.

Fight Climate Change

Recycling your organic waste reduces emissions that contribute to global climate change.

Let’s keep organics
out of landfills.

The ultimate recycling set-up.

Goodr will facilitate adding bins, providing training and education, and hauling compostable materials. We’ll ensure appropriate materials for composting are separated properly and that everything we’re picking up meets the minimum acceptable contamination level.

Advanced tech to track your impact.

Pickup Requests

Separate your pre-consumer and post-consumer inedible food in bins provided by Goodr. Then use the app to request your pickup.

Impact Dashboard

View your environmental impact over any period of time, all in one place.

Operational Insights

Get a detailed breakdown of your food waste so you can gain insights on how to achieve your zero waste goals.

Tackle your organic waste with our help.

Success Stories

Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott is a private women’s liberal arts college in Decatur, GA. They have been named the nation’s #1 most innovative liberal arts college for the last 4 years and counting. By partnering with Goodr to manage their Organics Recycling, Agnes Scott has significantly reduced their carbon footprint.

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Just Add Honey

Just Add Honey is a locally owned loose tea seller and cafe in Atlanta, GA. By partnering with Goodr to handle composting their natural waste, they have significantly reduced their carbon footprint.

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Join our growing list of recycling champions.

Donate your edible surplus food.

Goodr can pick up your edible surplus food and donate it to those in need. Plus you’ll get a tax deduction for your donation.

Striving to reach zero waste?

Our team can provide a full-scale, sustainable solution for managing all your waste needs.

Start recycling your organic waste today.

Connect with the Goodr team and let’s talk about how we can help your organization keep your organic waste out of landfills.

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