Nonprofit Partners

Join our growing network of food recipient partners. We coordinate with nonprofit organizations like yours to redirect surplus edible food to the areas of greatest need in your communities.

Here’s how it works.


We partner with organizations and events that have surplus edible food.


We coordinate pick-up of the edible food in food-safe containers.


Our drivers deliver the food directly to a nonprofit organization like yours.

To date, Goodr and our partners have provided 6.5 Million meals to people in need.

Committed to creating impact.

At our core, Goodr was founded on the principle that surplus edible food should go to people in need, not landfills. Because of this, we’ve committed to positively impact food insecure communities.

Our growing community of generous non-profits.


We work with shelters to bring food during their meal times so they can serve recipients in a timely manner.


We bring timely food and onsite Goodr Grocery Stores to our seniors facility partners so they can provide their residents with quality meals.


We have built relationships with food banks to provide large quantities of shelf stable items in their times of need.


We partner with local community centers to supply on-time food to those experiencing food insecurity.


We provide students in food insecure areas with convenient snackpacks and Goodr Grocery Stores.

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If your organization is interested in receiving surplus food, please contact us and we’ll determine if there is a food donation partner in your area.

If you are looking to find free food or more on our upcoming Goodr grocery events, find our resource page here: Goodr Free Food Resources.

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