Goodr Community Market @ iVillage

The Goodr Community Market @ iVillage turns the existing iVillage into a community resource that includes a Goodr Grocery Store, which will provide free groceries to 300 local families on a reoccurring monthly basis, and a carefully designed set of wraparound services for the community.

Unconventional Space. Useful Community Resource.

Established in 2019, the iVillage utilized repurposed shipping containers to offer low-cost, brick-and-mortar spaces for businesses. For the addition of the Goodr Community Market @ iVillage, several container spaces will house the Goodr Grocery Store and a variety of other free essential services provided by the partners including health screenings, financial literacy programs, community services, and meal preparation facilities.

The Free Goodr Grocery Store

The cornerstone of the community market is the free Goodr Grocery Store, one of Goodr’s core Hunger Solutions. The Goodr Grocery Store concept allows families to shop for free, high-quality groceries with dignity. Families will have access to a variety of grocery options including fresh produce, meat, shelf-stable goods, and more. At the Goodr Community Market @ iVillage, 300 families in Atlanta’s District 10 will be selected to shop for free each month.

At this time, our list of participating families is full, but learn more about our upcoming free grocery giveaways.

Goodr Community Market @ iVillage Partners

Pop-up Grocery Markets

We bring our pop-up grocery experience directly into food deserts to allow families easy access to food for free. Pop-up partnerships are an efficient way to provide those in need with meals for weeks.

Student Snackpacks

Our snackpack partnerships help fill the food insecurity gap by providing local youth with access to healthy snacks.

Goodr Grocery Store

Let’s partner to provide a sustainable, easy-access food pantry for children and their families right in their communities.

Start feeding your community today.

Connect with the Goodr team and let’s talk about how your company can sponsor a hunger relief partnership that will make a real difference in the community.

If you are looking to find free food or more on our upcoming Goodr grocery events, find our resource page here: Goodr Free Food Resources.

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