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Elevate Your Company’s Holiday Giving with Goodr’s Hunger Solutions

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For companies, the holiday season is the time to give back and connect hands-on with the local community. Rather than a canned food or toy drive, Goodr can help you level up your corporate philanthropy with our Hunger Solutions.

At Goodr, we fight food waste and hunger by solving the logistics problem of food access. With our Hunger Solutions, we partner with companies to bring high-quality food and groceries to food-insecure communities nationwide. Our Hunger Solutions bring true impact in the form of fresh groceries with a unique approach that allows you to connect with your community and engage your employees at the same time.

Keep reading to see how top companies like Modivcare, UPS, and more leverage Goodr’s Hunger Solutions to transform their corporate holiday giving into a triple win for their company, community, and employees.

Access to Free Groceries is the Holiday Gift Many Families Need

The holidays are a time of celebration, but for many families, they can be a period of uncertainty regarding food. Goodr’s Hunger Solutions provide a lifeline for families by bringing access to high-quality food directly to communities that need it. This access can mean everything to those facing challenging times during the holidays, offering hope and comfort. Modivcare took full advantage of the opportunity to meaningfully support Denver families ahead of the December holidays by sponsoring a Pop-Up Grocery Market. By bringing fresh groceries, including produce and meat, over 200 Denver families received enough groceries to last them 7-10 days going right into the holidays. If that wasn’t enough, the Modivcare team also provided a variety of gifts that the children could choose from.

Deepen Your Company’s Community Connections by Providing Real Benefit

The best giving creates a more significant impact than a one-time donation – it develops long term impact and meaningful connection with the recipients. Partnering with Goodr helps organizations create genuine, long-lasting connections with the communities they serve.

Over the past two years, the Atlanta Hawks and UPS have brought Goodr’s Pop-Up Grocery Market to Atlanta families the week before Thanksgiving. These two organizations not only brought fresh groceries to the local community but also star players from the Atlanta Hawks, information about job opportunities with UPS, Hawks dancers, snacks, and more. The Pop-Up Grocery Market was just the beginning of these organzations building valuable community connections.

Engage Your Corporate Employees with a Unique Volunteering Opportunity

The holiday season is known as a season of giving, and many people look for ways to give back and do good for their local community. Creating volunteer opportunities for your team allows them to get intgo the holiday spirit and do good with your company and their team. This hands-on involvement fosters pride and accomplishment among your team members which boosts morale and supports a positive company culture.

Goodr’s Hunger Solutions take holiday volunteering to the next level with unique and meaningful involvement for corporate teams. Just ask Atlanta Gas Light. Ahead of the holiday season, Atlanta Gas Light sponsored a Pop-Up Grocery Market at Andrew Young Middle School in the heart of Atlanta. In addition to supporting the parents and families of the school’s students, Atlanta Gas Light was able to create a special opportunity for their team to bond and give back at the same time. The team was able to be hands-on with the community they serve and deliver a valuable gift – free groceries.

With Goodr, you can provide necessary resources to your community, strengthen local connections, and engage employees in a unique and meaningful way. That’s what we consider a triple win. This holiday season, choose Goodr’s Hunger Solutions to make your company’s holiday giving more meaningful, impactful, and memorable.