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2023 Goodr Impact Report

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At Goodr, our mission has always been clear: “Feed More, Waste Less.” Since our inception in 2017, we have been dedicated to combating food waste and hunger, leveraging technology and logistics to create sustainable solutions.

As a company devoted to doing good for people and the planet, it’s important that we track the impact we’re making toward our mission. We are proud to share the significant strides we made with our incredible partners last year in the 2023 Goodr Impact Report.

What’s Inside

The 2023 Goodr Impact Report is a comprehensive review of the good work we did last year and the positive impact it created. In the report you’ll find:

  • Food Waste Solutions Impact: Data from our services that use technology and logistics to keep edible and inedible food waste out of landfills
  • Hunger Solutions Impact: Data from our services that bring fresh groceries and meals into food-insecure communities for free
  • Insights from Hunger Solutions Recipients: Self-reported data from our Hunger Solutions recipients about their needs and access to food
  • Team Impact: Data on how we support our team and how that fuels our efforts
  • Total Overall Impact: A complete roll-up of our 2023 impact data, the methodology for calculating it, and equivalencies to put our data into perspective

Three Key Results

With a year’s worth of impact and success, here are the three key results from the 2023 Goodr Impact Report:

Over 6.7M Pounds Diverted from Landfill with Our Food Waste Solutions

With our Food Waste Solutions, we use technology and logistics to help companies make good and sustainable use of their excess food to prevent it from ending up in landfills. Our Food Waste Solutions include Surplus Food Recovery, Organics Recycling, and Holistic Waste Management. Last year, across all our partners, we diverted nearly 7M pounds of food and organic material from landfills. We helped recover the edible food waste and reroute it to nonprofits and we worked with our farm and waste partners to turn inedible food waste into compost, animal feed, energy, and more.

Over $2M in Economic Value Provided Nationwide with Our Hunger Solutions

Our Hunger Solutions allow companies to sponsor an activation to bring fresh, high-quality groceries to communities experiencing food insecurity with a focus on dignity and offering well-curated items that can be made into meals, rather than a bag of items that don’t pair well together. Last year, with more than 150 activations, we brought millions of pounds of food to communities across the country. The impact? Over $2 million in economic value provided to the families and communities we served.

Impact Made Possible by a Diverse Team

The work we do at Goodr is only possible because of each team member who works tirelessly to make it all happen. Our team is the backbone of all we accomplish. With a team that is both 70% female and 70% BIPOC, we strive to have a team that is diverse in representation as well as in thought. We are proud of the nurturing and inclusive work environment we have fostered, where every employee feels valued and empowered. That effort is reflected daily in their hard work, dedication, and obvious passion for our mission.

None of this would be possible without the unwavering support of our partners and stakeholders. Companies like Amazon, Capital One, March of Dimes, Aetna, United Way, and municipalities across the country have played a crucial role in enabling us to make a considerable positive impact. We are deeply grateful for their collaboration and commitment to our shared mission.

We invite new corporate partners to join us in our mission to stop food waste in its tracks while also combating hunger. By partnering with Goodr, you can divert your edible surplus food and/or organic waste from landfills, sponsor one of our hunger solutions, or both. Let’s create healthier, more sustainable communities and a better world together.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Download the annual 2023 Goodr Impact Report Now.